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Happy Tails Rescue Retirement Home is a senior dog retirement home and hospice.  We take in senior dogs, most with health issues and/or out of time at high volume shelters, we are essentially their last chance.  We also take in dogs from private owners, who are no longer able to care for their senior dogs, if we have room and are financially able. We provide medical care, and lots of love for the last months or years of their lives.  We specialize in fixer-uppers, they have so much love to get and give.  


We believe in a mainly holistic approach to wellness, utilizing alternative therapy medicine and supplements, in addition to conventional medicine to provide the best care possible for our seniors.  We feed them a mostly raw diet and use Reiki as an extra-level of care for their mind, body and spirit.


​We are a small in-home hospice/sanctuary, we receive no formal funding and rely entirely on donations, 100% of all donations goes to the care of our seniors.  Happy Tails Rescue Retirement Home is a 501c3 non-profit located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 

Other Residents!
We also have 3 rescue pigeons, a fish pond, and a mouse!



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